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PHIUS is honored, proud and delighted to announce that Jeremy Rifkin will deliver the opening keynote address at the PHIUS 14th Annual North American Passive House Conference!

Jeremy Rifkin

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Jeremy Rifkin

The list of Rifkin’s accomplishments and ongoing thought leadership simply won’t fit in this space. Let’s just say that not many people can describe themselves as author, economic and social theorist, advisor to the European Union and heads of state, and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends.

Rifkin’s New York Times bestselling book, The Third Industrial Revolution, provided the blueprint for the economic transition to a post-carbon ecological society across the European Union. In The Zero Marginal Cost Society, he describes how the emerging Internet of Things is driving down the cost of goods and services.

As for his current book, the title speaks for itself: The Green New Deal: Why the Fossil Fuel Civilization Will Collapse by 2028, and the Bold Economic Plan to Save Life on Earth.

Rifkin is uniquely qualified to help our passive building community understand how we can drive a cost-effective zero carbon world.


Lisa María Mallory

Lisa Mallory

Lisa Mallory

Lisa María Mallory serves as the District of Columbia Building Industry Association’s (DCBIA) CEO and has over thirty years of leadership experience in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Under her leadership, DCBIA is now at its highest level of organizational membership in its four decade history and has focused on partnering for results with other major DC and regional organizations; and awarded a full scholarship for a Master’s in Real Estate. Since 2014, DCBIA has increased its legislative and advocacy efforts testifying and providing input to dozens of bills and countless regulatory matters.

Previously, Lisa was the Director of the DC Department of Employment Services where she had responsibility for overhauling one of the most troubled agencies netting millions of dollars in savings, increasing customer service, and dramatically decreasing the unemployment rate in the District of Columbia. Lisa was Senior Vice President at ICF International and prior Senior Vice President at the Fannie Mae Foundation. She served the Clinton White House as a member of the federal Senior Executive Service as Chief of Staff to Vice President Al Gore’s National Performance Review, Special Assistant at the US Department of Health and Human Services and Counselor at the US Social Security Administration and has worked for the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and several federal Independent Counsels. Lisa began her career in the hospitality industry.

Achilles Karagiozis

Achilles Karagiozis is the director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Buildings and Thermal Sciences Center. He manages a multidisciplinary team of approximately 150 researchers within the laboratory’s Buildings, Concentrating Solar Power, and Geothermal Technologies groups.

He provides strategic planning to bolster NREL efforts to transform energy through buildings science and integration. His work is focused on accelerating the development of strategic technical capabilities and directing world-class multidisciplinary research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, other federal agencies, and industry partners in the areas of buildings, concentrating solar power, and geothermal energy.

Dr. Karagiozis comes to NREL from Owens Corning, where he is charged with accelerating energy efficiency improvements in the built environment. Prior to joining Owens Corning, Karagiozis worked at the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he was a distinguished research engineer and hygrothermal project manager. He was instrumental in the launch of a number of innovative construction material and system products, the development of design guidelines, software tools and code changes.

Karagiozis received his Ph. D. from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, with work at the von Karman Institute in Fluid Dynamics in Saint-Genese Rode, Belgium. He received his M.Sc.E. and B.Sc.E. from the University of New Brunswick in New Brunswick, Canada.

Hartwig Künzel

Hartwig Kuenzel

Hartwig Kuenzel

At Fraunhofer IBP, Hartwig Künzel is responsible for hygrothermal investigations sponsored by industry and government. During his PhD, he developed the model WUFI® which has become an internationally recognized and widely applied simulation tool for moisture control in buildings. His research has helped to provide better understanding of the hygrothermal conditions in building envelope systems and their impact on building energy consumption, durability, human comfort and health.

Künzel is involved in the development of international guidelines and standards, e.g. chairing the national standard committee on moisture control and the CEN working group on hygrothermal performance of building components. Since 1999 Künzel is a member of the American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and has been principle reviser of Chapter 25 of the renowned ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. He has published more than 350 scientific articles in international trade journals, conference proceedings and textbooks.

Zack Semke

Zack Semke

Zack Semke

Zach directs the marketing efforts for Zola, “America’s European window company”, promoting its innovations in high performance fenestration. Zack is also a confounder of Shift Zero, and is a director at Passive House Accelerator.

Zack earned his BA from Stanford University in 1993, majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Human Ecology. He began his professional career as the first staffer of the Coalition for a Livable Future, a Portland-based coalition of environmental, affordable housing, transportation reform, and smart growth advocacy organizations. He then co-led the performing arts group, Portland Taiko (taiko is Japanese for “drum”), developing the organization, marketing national tours, and performing with the troupe. In 2007 he earned his graduate certificate in design from the Landscape Institute at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. After a short stint as a designer he returned to his marketing and sustainability roots, joining Passive House builder Hammer & Hand as Chief Evangelist. Zack joined NK in 2016.

A member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, Zack is a regular keynote speaker at sustainability gatherings and high performance building conferences, emphasizing the role of high performance building in climate action. Zack serves on the Board of Directors of Passive House Northwest and co-chairs the Steering Committee of Shift Zero, the zero net carbon building alliance.

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