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 Ryan Abendroth_rd

Ryan Abendoth

Passive Energy Designs

Ryan Abendroth feels strongly about the ever increasing need for energy efficiency in buildings which led him to work with hundreds of passive house projects including small residential designs and student projects to mid-sized commercial and non-profit developments. Professionally, Ryan has been at the forefront of research and design in passive houses for almost a decade. He began modeling his first Passive House in 2008.

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In 2009, he joined the Passive House institute US as the Certification Manager where he reviewed every project for compliance with the Passive House Certification process over the course of almost 4 years. Concurrently, in January of 2010 founded Passive Energy Designs a St. Louis, MO based consulting firm specializing in achieving built high-performance and low-energy buildings that meet the passive house standard. Ryan holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

His design education and research focused on energy efficiency and building science, which led to a thesis entitled ”A Critical Analysis of the Passive House Standard for the Climates of the United States.” This thesis helped lay the groundwork for the PHIUS+2015 Standard and the Building America Study which developed it.

Currently, Ryan is a lecturer at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses focused on the impacts of climate, site, energy, detailing, and building information modeling (BIM) on the built environment. Previously he taught at the Rhode Island School of Design as both a Visiting Lecturer and Critic and has acted as a passive house consultant for Kansas University’s 5th year design-build program, Studio 804.


Peter Amerongen

Peter Amerongen has been designing and building energy efficient houses in and around Edmonton, Alberta since the 1970’s. Since 2007, he has designed and built 11 net zero energy houses (including several that are generating significant surplus energy) in Edmonton’s 5100OC (9200OF) heating degree-day climate. Under his leadership, Habitat Studio has also built more than 50 houses with Energuide Ratings of 86 or better (under Canada’s ERS rating system). He and his team designed and built Canada’s first net zero energy affordable multi-family project and Canada’s first net zero energy church in the Edmonton neighbourhood of North Glenora.

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Net zero energy buildings and retrofits demand careful attention to saving small amounts of energy. This micro focus has left Peter with a profound appreciation for the monumental challenge of preparing all of our buildings for a low carbon future – especially our existing buildings – hopefully in time to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Peter is an original member of Edmonton City Council’s Energy Transition Advisory Committee and of the CHBA Net Zero Council Management Committee. He is also a Certified Passive House Consultant (PHIUS and PHI).

Travis Anderson


Florian Antretter

Florian Antretter leads the group for Hygrothermal Building Analysis at Fraunhofer IBP. The group examines the hygrothermal performance and interaction of the building envelope and systems with the enclosed space. The achieved insight is used to develop and apply a hygrothermal whole building simulation tool, the WUFI® Passive software, which allows a detailed analysis with regards to energy use, indoor environment and the hygrothermal conditions in the building envelope.

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Antretter first gained experience on building sites as a certified craftsman. He expanded his experience in material, component and whole building measurements in the laboratory and in the field through statistical data assessment at Fraunhofer IBP and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

He is an expert in hygrothermal building component and whole building simulation as well as in application of computational fluid dynamics software. His involvement in North American, Asian, and European projects enables him to conduct research and develop solutions in an international environment. Antretter has served as a lecturer in the Civil Engineering program at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany since 2010, and serves on the PHIUS Technical Committee. He has published more than 20 scientific articles in international journals and conference proceedings.


Michelle Apigan, AIA, AICP, LEED AP, CPHC

ICON Architecture

Michelle Apigian AIA, AICP, LEED AP, CPHC, is an Associate at ICON Architecture in Boston, MA. Michelle is an architect, planner and urban designer who combines optimism and pragmatism to design sustainable environments that strengthen communities and celebrate the uniqueness of place. She has worked on a broad array of project types and scales, from large, multi-phase master plans and design and construction of new multifamily developments to strategic infill, adaptive reuse and modernization projects.

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Her work includes the first Passive House certified multifamily project in Massachusetts as well as numerous LEED certified projects. Michelle received a B.A. from Dartmouth and an M.Arch and Master of City Planning from MIT. She serves on the Board of several organizations, including Union Square Main Streets, Somerville Community Coalition, and Passive House Massachusetts. She is also a member of DOER’s Zero Energy Advisory Committee and is a frequent speaker on topics including Building Reuse and Passive House design.


Robert Arlt

Department of Architecture at South Dakota State University

Robert Arlt is an Instructor at the Department of Architecture at South Dakota State University, teaching in the studio and building science sequences. He was born in Minnesota and graduated with a Master of Architecture from North Dakota State University after spending time studying Fine Arts and Architectural History in Florence, Italy.

He has been practicing award winning architecture for eight years in South Dakota with an emphasis on integrating modern, sustainable approaches and technologies in residential and small commercial design.

Jeff Armstrong


Christina Aßmann

Ashley McGraw Architects

A senior project architect with Ashley McGraw Architects, Christina Aßmann has 15 years of professional experience working on a variety of project types. Her interest in sustainability strategies stems from her upbringing in Germany where her parents instilled a focus on environmental stewardship. Christina’s work embraces the integration of design, sustainability and exceeding her client’s expectations.

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She holds the German equivalent of a M.S. in Architecture from the Universität Stuttgart, Germany and a Master in Architecture from the University of Kansas, where she was part of the renowned Studio 804. Christina is a licensed architect, a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Passive House Consultant.


Tom Bassett-Dilley


Tom Bassett-Dilley founded his firm in 2006 to pursue sustainability as contemporary design based on region, climate, and context. Toward that end, he became a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC©) in 2010 to learn advanced energy modeling, building science, and principles of conservation exemplified by the Passive House standard. He is a founding member and past President of the Chicago Passive House Alliance chapter, and is currently the Midwest Regional PHAUS Council rep.

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Tom has presented numerous times for PHAC and at PHIUS’ annual conferences. His first certified project was completed in 2013, with two more fully certified, five pre-certified, and several more PH projects currently in the works, including an institutional renovation/addition project, and a 45-unit apartment building. Tom sees the beauty of the Passive approach in its ability to optimize energy design concurrently with architectural design, its tendency toward simplicity in form and glazing, and its tendency to require “tuning” a building to site-specific solar access. Tom is very encouraged by the direction that PHIUS+ 2018 has taken, and is eager to continue to help build awareness and momentum toward adoption of the PHIUS standard.


Jonathan Bean

University of Arizona

Jonathan Bean is Assistant Professor of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments, and Marketing and chair of the Sustainable Market Transformation program at the University of Arizona. He was the faculty lead for the University of Arizona’s team in the 2018 Race to Zero Student Design Competition. The team’s design for a six-unit townhouse building in Tucson, Arizona showed the viability of achieving zero net energy in a hot, arid climate using conventional techniques and readily available materials.

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Bean’s academic research spans the fields of design and marketing, where he is known for his work on taste regimes. He is the Scholarship Coordinator for the Society of Building Science Educators and a Certified Passive House Consultant. His TEDx talk Demand Less explains the transformative potential of passive building.

 Brad Begin_rd

Brad Begin

CEO of Alpen High Performance Products

Brad Begin is currently the CEO of Alpen High Performance Products, a manufacturer of high performance windows, doors and insulated glass products which operates out of two facilities in Colorado (Niwot and Denver). Alpen manufactures and sells some of North America’s most energy efficient windows, doors and glass products for use in both residential and commercial projects throughout North America. Begin first purchased Alpen in 2005, successfully sold the company in 2008 and repurchased the company in 2012.

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Prior to purchasing Alpen, Begin was the CEO of Metalwest, one of the nation’s largest Western-based metal processors and distributors between 1994 and 2005. Prior to beginning work with Metalwest, Begin practiced law in Dallas, Texas from 1985 to 1994. He holds a BA degree in History and Political Science from Texas Christian University and a JD degree from the University of Texas. Brad lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Chris Benedict

Chris Benedict is a registered architect with 30 years of professional experience. Her office, Chris Benedict, R.A., was founded in 1995 and specializes in the design of exceptionally energy efficient buildings. A leader of the Passive House movement in the United States, Chris has designed over 80 apartment buildings in New York City, including three recently completed apartment buildings in New York City designed to meet the Passive House Standard.

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She has another 15 Passive House buildings on the boards, all designed to cost the same as typical construction. Chris is a graduate of the Cooper Union where she was inducted into the Cooper Union Hall of Fame. Chris teaches internationally about her groundbreaking work and is a thought leader in the building industry.

Katie Bergfeld

 Tray Biasiolli_rd

Tray Biasiolli

Tray Biasiolli works as a building science consultant with Think Little Home Energy, based in Charlottesville, VA. Following several years working in low-income weatherization, Tray joined the Think Little team, where he works to deliver highly efficient and affordable envelope and HVAC solutions to clients throughout Virginia.

Laura Blau

Laura Blau, AIA is an award-winning architect and principal of BluPath, a Certified Passive House Consultant® for ten years and a Certified Passive House Builder® for seven years. BluPath designed renovations for Tioga United’s homeownership programs, Micro-units for a workforce zero-energy multi-family and super-insulated tiny houses in Philadelphia. Her Italian market Passive House is the first PHIUS Plus single-family in Philadelphia and winner of Green Building United’s the Groundbreaker Award. Laura presents at local, regional and international conferences on the science of building envelope design.

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Blau is a founding member of the Passive House Community within Green Building United. She is renovating a 1870c historic apartment building to Passive House EnerPhit Standard. She has served on the boards of Delaware Valley Green Building Council (now Green Building United) and the North American Passive House Network. She co-authored the book Frazier Forman Peters: Westport’s Legacy in Stone.

 Alex Boetzel_rd

Alex Boetzel

With over 25 years experience in construction and building science, Alex Boetzel is a Certified Passive House Consultant and has consulted on multiple Living Building Challenge and dozens of LEED, Passivhaus, high-performance and green residential projects in the US as well as in Europe. He plans and executes Green Hammer’s innovation concepts, technical training, including building envelope and HVAC, and ensures quality control of envelope, energy, and water systems in design, construction, and commissioning.

Under his leadership, Green Hammer has consulted on over 200,000 square feet of commercial multifamily, office, retail, academic, industrial, and single family residential Passivhaus projects designed, built, or retrofitted in Oregon to date.

 Baird Brown_rd

Baird Brown

eco(n)law LLC

C. Baird Brown is the principal of eco(n)law LLC. He has helped develop pooled procurement and financing techniques for building energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy for clients such as the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility and has structured public-private partnerships for a broad array of infrastructure projects. He also develops regulatory strategies, tax structures, and project documentation for innovative projects. He helped form and serves as co-counsel to the Microgrid Resources Coalition.

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Baird has played key roles in organizations that advance energy and sustainability goals. He served as a co-chair of energy related committees of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Bar Association, and he was a principal author of the form Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Agreement for the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), the Energy Markets Association, and ABA. He represents the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment and serves on the boards of non-profit organizations that work for community revitalization and energy justice.

 David Brubaker_rd

David Brubaker

David Brubaker of Brubaker Architects has been designing complex structures and spaces in the healthcare, residential, and commercial realms for over thirty years. His elegant design solutions are driven by the desire for human well-being and comfort. Projects have ranged from high-tech healthcare spaces, such as hospital additions, operating and imaging rooms, and an award-winning green healing garden, to designing several high-performance residences. He is passionate about creating sustainable, healthy and healing environments.

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Brubaker Architects, based in the Chicago area, recently launched a second location in Tucson, Arizona. There David used his experience in designing complex spaces and energy-efficient homes to develop a Passive House in the Sonoran Desert. Currently his firm is also working on strategies to incorporate Passive House design into various healthcare projects.

After graduating from the University of Arizona’s College of Architecture, David obtained a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and became a Certified Passive House Consultant in 2013.


Enrique Bueno


Enrique Bueno serves as Managing Partner of Consinfra, a real estate investment firm specializing in real estate development, and redevelopment projects in Latin America. and serves as President of E Plus Buildings, a Passive House Consulting company. Enrique has extensive engineering and management experience as the President of Juval International, Inc. and CEO of the Juval Group., a highly diversified manufacturing and services company comprised of 7 corporations working throughout Latin America for over 30 years in the steel, cement, mining, and foundry industries.

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As President and CEO Enrique has led the market expansion into 25 countries and new product lines for the Juval Group of companies involved in expansion projects and the development of new cement plants in several countries of Latin America.

Enrique is a Passive House Certified Consultant and is a founding member of the Vermont Passive House organization and serves as Board Chair. Enrique holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Universidad Nacional – Colombia.

 Craig Burton_rd

Craig Burton

Craig focusses on the evaluation and integration of emerging clean technologies into projects. He has dedicated his career to this purpose and has worked across a broad range of scales and building typologies, including in the role of MEP Engineer, Energy Modeling / Daylight and building sciences analyst. As a collaborative engineer, his work has been informative in shaping architectural designs, campus communities and in realizing high performance buildings around the world.

He was MEP Team Leader on the design for the 2017 International Expo, inspired by Jeremy Rifkin’s Third Industrial Revolution Writings. Most recently he has been focusing on the development of Direct Current ecosystems for microgrids in residential and commercial buildings.


Karla Butterfield

Steven Winter Associates

Ms. Butterfield is a Sustainability Director at SWA, working with residential buildings. Her expertise is in sustainable consulting services, program certification support and implementation of high-performance building technologies. With architects, developers, builders, and homeowners, she develops specific sustainability strategies for both new construction and renovations.


Martha Campbell


Martha is part of the Residential Energy+ (RE+) team in RMI’s Buildings Practice and leads the REALIZE initiative.

Prior to joining RMI, Martha attended the University of Michigan where she earned a dual master’s degree in environmental science and business administration. During her time in graduate school she focused on conservation finance and social entrepreneurship. Prior to graduate school, Martha worked for the Alliance for Climate Protection in Taos, New Mexico.

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Martha is originally from El Paso, Texas, with professional experiences as varied as learning green building techniques as a construction intern from renegade eco architect Mike Reynolds, working for Rio Tinto’s Sustainable Development team, field organizing in northern New Mexico, and program trading in the equities division of Goldman Sachs.

Martha also developed and supports RE+’s Finance the Future initiative that is focused on increasing access to capital for home energy improvements in the U.S. market.

 Lisa Carey Moore_rd

Lisa Carey Moore

Integrated Eco Strategy

Lisa helps clients build healthier buildings. As Senior Sustainability Analyst for Integrated Eco Strategy, the consulting arm of MateriallyBettter, she works with design teams, manufacturers, specifiers, and contractors who wish to comply with LBC’s Materials Petal, or who are inspired to do better in their material selection.

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She enjoys working with team members, and particularly manufacturers, to learn about new products and the potential they hold to be better for human health and the environment. She speaks often about materials, LBC’s Red List, and the imperative for addressing chemicals of concern in the built environment and has been challenged and inspired by her deeper dive into embodied carbon. In a previous life, she worked on other environmental issues, including Superfund Cleanup and Clean Water Act implementation.


Mark Carver

CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada

Mark is an R&D Project Lead at CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada and a member of the Buildings and Renewables Group. He leads NRCan’s Prefabricated Exterior Energy Retrofit project. His research interests are in deep retrofit, net-zero energy and passive homes, building enclosures, prefabrication, climate resilient buildings, embodied carbon and cost-optimization. Mark is passionate about making high-performance design, construction and renovation mainstream. Mark and his family live in a heritage home in Ottawa that’s been through the deep retrofit wringer.

Tom Chase

New Ecology, Inc.

At New Ecology, Inc., Tom Chase provides sustainable design guidance for new construction projects including Passive House, LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, and ENERGY STAR certifications. He also leads New Ecology’s climate adaptation work, including a resilience assessment protocol and tool to complement NEI’s energy and water audit process and improve building performance and occupant health in a changing climate.

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Prior to joining NEI, Tom recently served at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development where he assisted the Secretary’s Energy Policy staff in tracking multifamily building energy use nationwide, updated energy code adoption for the agency, organized green building technical assistance programs, and contributed to multiple HUD climate change resilience and sustainable community initiatives.

Mr. Chase has a background in ecology and urban environmental management and design and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology from Wesleyan University and a Master’s of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is a LEED BD+C AP and a CPHC (Certified Passive House Consultant).

 Cory Chimka_rd

Cory Chimka

Cory Chimka is a Senior Account Manager at the DCSEU where he serves as the direct link for commercial and institutional customers to take advantage of rebates, incentives and no cost technical assistance. Through his work, Chimka helps schools, municipal buildings, and more, save money on their utility bills and become more environmental conscious. Through the DCSEU’s partnership with PIUS, Chimka hosts the only Certified Passive House Consultant Training (CPHC®) in the District, helping the program continue to thrive and be more available for the residents of DC.

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Prior to joining the DCSEU, Chimka worked for than 10 years as an award-winning DC Public School teacher, followed by running the largest nonprofit afterschool program in the District. With his prior experience in education Chimka has grown to understand the unique needs of the residents in DC. Through his work at the DCSEU, Chimka works to meet community needs while supporting the mayor’s mission for the city become healthiest, greenest, most livable city in the nation.

Beverly Craig

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Beverly Craig, LEED AP BD+C, manages the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) Low and Moderate Income programs including the Passive House Design Challenge for affordable housing and the Affordable Clean Residential Energy program which pairs installation of Air Source Heat Pumps with Solar PV in low income households.  She also promotes the Massachusetts Solar Loan program for low income households.  Ms. Craig comes from a background implementing energy efficiency and renewables installation at non-profit affordable housing. Beverly holds a BA from the University of Southern California and an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

 Theresa Dandrea_rd

Theresa D’Andrea

Theresa D’Andrea is a Senior Accessibility Consultant, working with SWA’s Accessibility Consulting Team. Her primary
responsibilities include conducting plan reviews and field inspections to assess compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory and building code requirements for accessible design and construction.

Ms. D’Andrea also provides technical support and training to the entire project team through all phases of the design and construction process.

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In addition, Ms. D’Andrea provides document support in the areas of graphic design, book design, and document layout. She has assisted in the creation of Accessibility guidance documents for clients in NYC, Massachusetts, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

 Jessica Darling_rd

Jessica Darling

Ms. Darling, Data Scientist, joined New Ecology in 2014. Ms. Darling is focused on providing data analytics to improve the efforts and accuracy of all NEI project deliverables relating to building performance. She provides statistical analysis and develops methodologies to evaluate the savings of proposed and implemented solutions at both the financial and energy/resource level. She spearheads a variety of research efforts that draw on the vast amount of multifamily building performance data that New Ecology possesses.

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Prior to joining New Ecology, Ms. Darling worked at Opinion Dynamics conducting evaluation of utility energy efficiency programs, and Elevate Energy, where she managed and analyzed data across program areas, including dynamic pricing and smart grid, energy efficiency, and energy planning. She holds a master’s degree in applied statistics from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Northwestern University.

 Abdulla Darrat_rd

Abdulla Darrant

Renewal Construction Services LLC

Abdulla is Senior Vice President at Renewal Construction Services LLC, the construction arm of Omni New York LLC. Prior to joining Omni in October of 2014, Abdulla worked at Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, a non-profit community development corporation that provides a comprehensive range of programs, including the development of affordable housing, to the East New York community in Brooklyn.

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Prior to working at Cypress Hills LDC, Abdulla used his multidisciplinary background in architecture, construction, urban planning, real estate finance, and community development to lead residential, commercial and industrial projects through their development lifecycle in the Southern United States and in New York. Abdulla received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas in Austin and a Masters of Urban Planning from Harvard University. He also spent a year in Morocco as a Fulbright scholar.

 Tyler Davis_rd

Tyler Davis, CPHC

Bright Power

Tyler Davis, PHIUS CPHC & Verifier, is the Manager of New Construction at Bright Power, a national energy and water management company based in New York. He leads a small team of engineers focused on driving deeper energy savings in New York City’s affordable multifamily housing sector and served as the PHIUS Verifier and Bright Power’s Construction Project Manager on Park Avenue Green.

 Ryan Dirks_rd

Ryan Dirks

Ryan Dirks is a registered architect at Hickok Cole in Washington, DC.  His experience with Passive House began in 2014 when he tracked and analyzed energy use data for the Stellar Apartments, an affordable multifamily certified Passive House in Eugene, Oregon.  After graduating with a Master of Science in Architecture from the University of Oregon, he managed a team of students drafting details for the book “Passive House Details”, a survey of common practices in Passive House design across the United States.

While in Eugene he also worked at Studio-E Architecture, implementing high performance designs on a range of single and multifamily residential projects.  Ryan is currently working on office projects in the DC area, and hopes to bring the vision of Passive House to larger scale projects in the region.

 Neil Donnelly_rd

Neil Donnelly

Neil Donnelly joined New Ecology in 2013 as an Energy Engineer, providing data-focused technical expertise on energy audits, combined heat and power evaluations, energy savings calculations and the implementation of state energy efficiency programs. A focus on the design and analysis of direct monitoring systems and the optimization of hydronic heating and domestic hot water systems with these data sets. He earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware and is a licensed professional engineer in Massachusetts.

 Peter Elliott_rd

Peter Elliott, AIA LEED AP BD&C

Perkins Eastman

Peter Elliott AIA LEED AP BD&C – Peter is a senior associate at Perkins Eastman in the Stamford, CT office. Aside from project responsibilities, Peter serves as a technical resource for the firm. He frequently performs quality assurance on projects and sits on Perkins Eastman’s firm-wide sustainability committee.

Peter has 33 years architectural experience in diverse practice areas, having designed and built environments for humans to live, work, play, learn, age and heal. Peter has a firm foundation in building science and has a lifelong passion for issues of energy and the environment. This passion has spanned his career, starting during his time as the student-director of the Alternate Energy Center at Ramapo College in the early 1980’s.

 Lindsey Elton_rd

Lindsey Elton

Lindsey Elton is certified in advanced building science and building diagnostic testing. Her company, Eco Achievers, assists project teams throughout the country in constructing high-performance single, multi-family, and mixed-use buildings that meet everything from NGBS to LEED, ENERGY STAR, and PHIUS+ standards.
Lindsey has been fortunate to work on many firsts as a PHIUS+ professional – from the first certified multi-family projects in IL, WI, and Chicago, to the first commercial projects in IL. She volunteers as the Co-Vice President of PHAUS-Chicago and frequently speaks on topics related to building science and green building certification. She is a credentialed RESNET, BPI, and ENERGY STAR Rater; LEED for Homes Green Rater; PHIUS+ Rater/Verifier, and CPHC.
 Dave Epley_rd copy

Dave Epley

Dave Epley is the Green Building and Sustainability Division Manager at the District of Columbia

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) where he established and currently manages the nationally-recognized DCRA Green Building Division.

The Division is responsible for the enforcement, development, outreach and education on the District’s hallmark progressive green building regulations, including the Green Construction Code, the Energy Conservation Code, all solar- related regulations and the Green Building Act. Currently the Division is developing DC’s voluntary Net-Zero Energy Building Program for residential and commercial buildings.

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Prior to DCRA, Mr. Epley was the Program Director for Energy Performance in the Enterprise Green Communities Program at Enterprise Community Partners, a national affordable housing non-profit. He served as the Solar America Cities Fellow at the City of Pittsburgh, PA and owned a home energy audit company in Tennessee. He holds a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

 Scott Farbman_rd

Scott Farbman

Scott Farbman is a licensed architect, Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®), and LEED BD+C accredited green professional who provides building performance analysis, sustainability consulting, and project management at the Chicago based innovative engineering firm dbHMS. Scott assists owners and project teams in developing sustainable strategies for both building standards and green certifications which includes consulting for both MEP and architectural design.

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Scott has overseen projects ranging from large-scale mixed use multi-family housing developments to small-scale community driven libraries. Scott delivers a comprehensive green building knowledge base as well as a unique sustainability perspective, not only to the project, but also to all members of the team he’s involved in.

Prior to joining dbHMS, Scott worked as a project architect and sustainability specialist at Solomon Cordwell Buenz, an international and multidisciplinary design firm in Chicago, Illinois. His focus revolved around environmental analysis, performance benchmarking, occupant behavior & comfort, and integrating everyday sustainability thinking into design.

Outside of dbHMS, Scott is the co-chair for AIA Chicago’s 2030 Commitment Group, an initiative that sets goals and measure industry progress towards net-zero energy and carbon performance by the year 2030. Scott also volunteers with the USGBC Illinois Chapter’s Energy Ambassador Program, which focuses on community outreach to promote simplistic energy efficient measures that can be done at any home to improve carbon footprint.

 Prudence Ferreira_rd 2

Prudence Ferreira

PHIUS CPHC Trainer, Passivscience

Prudence has worked as a passive house consultant for 10 years and recently joined Morrison Hershfield as a senior member of their Building Performance Analysis team, serving as the firm’s Passive House Practice Lead for Canada and the US. Prudence also teaches Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) training in North America, having provided training to over 600 design and construction professionals to date. She is a founding member of the PHIUS Technical Committee and has consulted on more than 40 Passive House projects across 7 different climate zones, and has experience with unique passive house typologies such as curtain wall tower, historic masonry retrofit, medical facilities, labs, schools and senior housing.

 Matt Fine_rd

Matt Fine, AIA , CPHC

Peabody Architects

Of his twenty-one years in the architectural field, Matt has spent the last thirteen specializing in multifamily housing and high-performance house design. At his previous firm, (ZA+D, LLC) Matt spearheaded the initiative to deliver Passive House-level performance in a variety of project types and scales. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Commons project was one such example – a retrofit of (36) affordable dwelling units within (3) 60’s era buildings.

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The project is the first PHIUS-certified Passive House multifamily retrofit in the U.S. The importance of this work was to clearly demonstrate that resource consciousness and affordability are not mutually exclusive, and in turn, it re-establishes a sense of community to one of DC’s most-neglected neighborhoods.

Matt collaborated with Parsons The New School for Design on the 2011 Solar Decathlon entry known as Empowerhouse along with managing the Ivy City Passive Townhouses project ((6) PHIUS-certified dwellings) delivered with DC Habitat for Humanity in 2015. He is currently managing the Fairmount Heights Zero Energy Ready modular infill project and the Arlington Net Zero single-family project. These examples further the mission of bringing low-to-zero energy buildings at a larger scale and wider variety to the region.


Jeff Gephart

Vermontwise Energy Services

Jeffrey Gephart is president of Vermontwise Energy Services, Inc. an energy services company in Rochester, Vermont, he co-founded in 1997. He has 20 years of experience in residential new construction energy-efficiency program design and implementation.

On behalf of Efficiency Vermont, Jeff works with architects, builders, developers, trade allies, and consumers building ENERGY STAR® certified homes, LEED for Homes, National Green Building Standard, and Passive House projects. With the Vermont Green Home Alliance he is working with appraisers, mortgage lenders, realtors, the regional MLS, and others to ensure energy-efficient and sustainable building practices are appropriately valued in the housing market.

 Cristine Gibney_rd

Christine Gibney

Cristine Gibney is the NetZero Building Operations Specialist at AGU.

She is a currently pursuing dual graduate degrees in Sustainable Design, as well as City and Regional Planning at the Catholic University of America (CUA) School of Architecture and Planning.

After her experience as a U.S. Army Strategist, where she focused on Security Cooperation and Planning, Cristine was well-suited to transition to building science and sustainability. Cristine’s path to AGU is an example of the building’s goal to serve as a beacon for progress in achieving sustainability and embracing learning and collaboration. She was inspired by the net zero energy renovation project in a class, joined the building team, and now gives tours of the award-winning building while describing how it embodies AGU’s mission of science for the benefit of humanity.


Alan Gibson

G O Logic LLC

Alan Gibson is a builder and partner in G O Logic LLC of Belfast, Maine, where he is chiefly responsible for construction operations. Since 2009 he has managed construction of three certified passive buildings and a 36-unit co-housing community built to near-passive standards, among other projects. The GO Home, completed in 2010, was the first certified passive house in Maine and recipient of the US Green Building Council’s Residential Project of the Year award in 2011.

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Terrahaus, the country’s first passive house-certified dormitory, received the Evergreen Award from Eco-Structure magazine in 2012. Alan holds a BA from Brown University and is a Certified Passive House Builder and Certified Passive House Designer. He has been a business owner since 1992 and speaks widely on passive design and construction.

 Mark Ginsberg_rd

Mark Ginsberg FAIA, LEED AP

Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP

Mark Ginsberg FAIA, LEED AP, a native New Yorker, is a partner of Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP with over 35 years of professional experience in planning, urban design, institutional and housing projects. His expertise in housing, resiliency and green design has been recognized through his many lectures at national and local conferences and meetings. Mark has led C+GA’s efforts on developments that comprise well over 12,000 units of housing, most of which are affordable and sustainable.

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Mark is a past President of the AIA New York Chapter, former co-chair of the New York New Visions, and an organizer of the New Housing New York Ideas Competition. He co-chaired the Post Sandy Housing Task force, and was a member of the AIA National Housing Task Force. Mark is a member of the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) Board and is President of Citizen’s Housing and Planning Council.

Graham Giovagnoli


Chris Hamm

Steven Winter Associates

Chris Hamm is a Senior Building Systems Engineer and Passive House Consultant at Steven Winter Associates, Inc (SWA). With three years of professional experience and two years of research in the design and construction of low-energy buildings, Chris is focused on furthering the high performance building process from design and energy modeling to implementation and testing. Before working at SWA, Chris lead energy modeling and construction for the 2015 Solar Decathlon Team at Steven’s Institute of Technology, winning first place in 7 categories and 1st place overall.

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Chris’s experience has been primarily with the design of Passive House (PH) buildings including single family, multi-family, student residences, and mixed-use buildings.

 Henry Harvey_rd

Henry Harvey

Henry Harvey serves as director of engineering at New Ecology in Boston, Massachusetts, providing technical support for energy audits, modeling and calculations, project design reviews, and green building rating programs. Mr. Harvey’s experience as an energy engineer includes performing site assessments, developing savings calculations, producing schematic design concepts, feasibility studies, as well as participating in the construction process. This work has included commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, and municipal buildings.

Prior to his work as an engineer, Mr. Harvey operated an insulation business, working mainly in residential retrofit. A licensed professional engineer in Massachusetts, he holds a B.A. in physics from Middlebury College and a Masters of Science in building.

 Steve Hessler_rd

Steve Hessler

Hugh Lofting Timber Framing and High Performance Building

Steve Hessler is a heavy timber structural designer, project manager and PHIUS+ certified passive house consultant with over 20 years of experience designing, building and managing fabrication and construction projects. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Penn State, Steve completed a five-year restoration carpentry apprenticeship then continued his career with Pocopson Timberworks, a Pennsylvania based timber frame manufacturing firm, where he became the first operator/programmer of a five-axis CNC timber processing machine in the U.S.  Steve worked his way from programmer to project designer and eventually led the firm’s design department overseeing all design and manufacturing efforts of the companies residential and commercial structural-thermal envelope projects.

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In 2008 Steve joined the team at Hugh Lofting High Performance Building combining 3d modeling, integrated project delivery and building science principles to design and manage off-the-grid, net-zero, and passive house projects.  As a project manager and manufacturing coordinator at Hugh Lofting Steve combines his offsite manufacturing and construction experience with BIM and IPD processes to bridge gaps between owners, design teams and trade professionals.

In 2018 Steve co-founded Holzraum System llc, a design and consulting partnership committed to connecting and coordinating builders, architects, building science and off-site manufacturing in order to achieve unmatched comfort, superb air quality, extreme building resiliency and among the lowest embodied + operational carbon footprints in the building envelope industry today.


Jacob Higginbottom


As Director of Higher Education at SGA, Jacob leads all projects in this market sector. These include projects in student life, student residences, classroom facilities, faculty and administrative spaces, student health and wellness and lifestyle centers. Jacob is a registered architect and LEED-accredited professional with over two decades of experience in the programming, planning, design and construction of a range of facility types for academic, healthcare, and corporate clients.

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Focused in the Boston area, Jacob is passionate about sustainable design, student life, adaptive reuse, technology in design, high performance buildings and corporate lifestyle trends.

A graduate of Lehigh University and the Boston Architectural College, as well as Columbia University “Shape of Two Cities” urban planning program, Jacob leverages his civil engineering background with his design knowledge towards helping plan and design complex projects.


Michael Hindle

Passive to Positive

Michael Hindle became a Passive House Consultant (PHIUS) in early 2010. He is owner and principal of Passive to Positive and has consulted on Passive House, zero-energy, and Living Building Challenge projects. He has worked on single and multi-family residential, and small commercial projects from New Hampshire to Washington DC. He has experience in both new construction and retrofits and a commitment to low toxicity and GWP building methods and materials.

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His first multi-family project, Weinberg Commons, in Washington DC won the PHIUS 2017 Affordable Project of the year award, and is to date, the only PH Certified retrofit apartment building in the country. Michael has served on the board of the Passive House Alliance of the United States and the Passive House Institute/US.

 Rob Hosken_rd

Rob Hosken

Rob grew up in a passive solar home near Madison, WI, and now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. Rob is well-known regionally for verification of high-performance buildings. As an energy efficiency focused architect (Principal of Building Performance Architecture), Rob has played roles in delivering one of the world’s first LEED-certified office buildings, the first Passive House PHIUS+ certified apartment building in the U.S., two of the world’s first Living Building Challenge certified buildings, the first passive-certified library in North America, and many other high-performance buildings.

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With technical expertise and multiple credentials in building envelope commissioning, passive building verification, and existing building energy auditing, Rob focuses on improving existing buildings, quality assurance during the design process, and quality control during construction. Rob serves on the board of directors of Passive House Western Pennsylvania, the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, and is a member of AIA Pittsburgh’s Committee on the Environment.

 April Hughes_rd

April Hughes

April Hughes, AIA, is the AIA Chicago President Elect, the 2013 AIA Illinois and AIA Chicago Dubin Family Young Architect of the Year, is the owner and Managing Principal of HPZS, a full service woman-owned architectural firm specializing in combating climate change through adaptive reuse in order to “Preserve a Sustainable Future” for Chicago.

In her nearly 20 year award-winning career, she’s concentrated on sustainable innovation in the fields of architecture, planning and preservation. As champion of integrated design, April has extensive LEED experience, including four platinum-rated LEED projects as well as two net-zero energy designs in the City of Chicago—one residential and one commercial–both firsts for the State of Illinois.

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She contributed to the development of the SmartCode Sustainability Module, and was integral to the design and permitting of Chicago’s first residential greywater system and the subsequent development of the City’s Water Reuse Manual. Her firm is currently in the middle of construction on what will likely be Chicago’s first PHIUS single family renovation.

A registered architect in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Indiana and LEED AP, she is a recent recipient of the DuPont Emerging Leader Scholarship at the 2016 Design Futures Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design, is a U.S. Small Business Administration Emerging Leader 2016, and is a 2017 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Scholar and advocates for women in the profession at all levels, from intern to executive.


Michael Ingui, RA, AIA, Certified Passive House Designer

Baxt Ingui Architects, P.C.

Baxt Ingui has brought a high level of design to Passive House through many award-winning projects in the NYC area, creating beautiful homes that are Passive Certified, LEED certified, and NetZero. Baxt Ingui has completed over 7 passive houses including the first Landmark approved Certified passive house, Manhattan’s first certified project (this house is also LEED Platinum), and the first Passive Plus house in the United States.

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They have 8 Passive Projects currently under construction. Michael and the team at Baxt Ingui Architects have also brought together many of the contractors and consultants working on their Passive House projects to cultivate a larger collaborative effort to create buildable, affordable Passive House projects in the NYC area.


Graham Irwin

Essential Habitat Architecture

Graham Irwin, AIA, CPHC, is the principal of Essential Habitat Architecture, a Northern California practice focused on healthy, high performance, sustainable buildings built to Passive Building standards.

He has a degree in physics, with additional studies in engineering and architecture, and an extensive background in software development. Since 2008, his firm has worked on numerous single-family, multi-family and commercial Passive House projects throughout California and the US, including the first certified Passive House in California, the first certified Passive House retrofit in the US, and the first certified multi-family Passive House in the US.

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He is a licensed architect and licensed general contractor in the state of California. Graham is a founding partner of CaliPASSIV, a “pocket production” Passive Building developer.

 Rolf Jacobson_rd

Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson is a Research Fellow and Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) at the Center for Sustainable Building Research (CSBR). Through the Fulbright program, Rolf conducted research in Norway on the building science of Passive House envelopes optimized for cold climates. While there, he used energy and moisture modeling tools such as WUFI and THERM to investigate and evaluate a wide range of residential building assemblies.

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More recently, Rolf has helped the NorthernSTAR Building America team conduct research on a variety of topics including an in-situ study of residential ground source heat pumps, innovative panelized construction systems, above and below-ground wall insulation retrofits, and innovative “thin triple” glazed windows. His work at the CSBR is primarily focused on high performance affordable housing and development of Minnesota’s Sustainable Building B3 Guidelines.

 Aaron Johnson_rd

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson works with the Indoor airPLUS team in the Indoor Environments Division at EPA, focusing on technical support, quality assurance, industry outreach, and improving building codes. He is also currently leading development for new opportunities to label existing homes with Indoor airPLUS. Before joining EPA in 2017, Aaron worked as a home energy rater and quality assurance designee, consulting with home builders and homeowners on improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in both new and existing homes. He has many years of experience presenting at conferences and training IAQ and energy efficiency professionals.

 Maggie Kirk_rd

Maggie Kirk

Margaret Kirk, Assoc. AIA, is an active multi-hyphenate as an award-winning designer and artist, educated in New York and Florence, Italy, who possesses extensive experience in design, construction and project management. She is a lecturer of architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Her architectural work includes a diverse portfolio ranging from small exhibitions to large eco-resorts. She has experience in domestic and international projects for renowned institutions, government agencies, development companies and celebrity clients.

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Her work has brought her around the world where she has participated in facade inspections and mock-ups- among other construction-related tasks and administration. She is the owner of the architectural consultancy, s.341-b and is a Passive House Institute Certified Passive House Consultant.

A former faculty member at the Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts, she has taught construction, technology, media and communication courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has a deep interest in the role of computational design, data, technology and fabrication as concurrent and symbiotic design generators. This serves as the heart of her think-tank, Symasign, and is driving her development of three-dimensional wind energy collection for which she is partnering with various engineers across the nation.

Maggie is a published writer and editorial board member for d3:dialog and the International Journal for Interior Architecture and Spatial Design and serves on numerous design juries.

Hank Keating


Katrin Klingenberg

PHIUS Executive Director & Co-Founder

Katrin is the executive director of the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), Chicago, Illinois, USA. PHIUS is an organization committed to making high-performance passive building the mainstream market standard. After studying at the Technische Universitaet in Berlin, Germany and graduating from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana with a master’s degree in architecture in 1996, Katrin began her career in architecture with Murphy/Jahn in Chicago, Illinois.

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She then worked for the architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz in Chicago. In 2002, she started her own firm and became a registered architect in Germany. In 2007, Katrin co-founded the Passive House Institute US to work on education. She is the executive and the lead instructor for the PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) training. She also directs the technical and research programs at PHIUS which has trained over 2,000 architects, engineers, energy consultants, energy raters and builders in passive building standards. PHIUS has become the leading passive building research and information provider in North America.

Katrin has written and co-authored magazine articles and book contributions. She has also presented internationally on the topic of passive building science and won the Woman in Sustainability Leadership Award in 2015.


Benjamin Knopp

Think Little Home Energy

Benjamin Knopp is a building science consultant at Think Little Home Energy in Charlottesville, VA. He has a background in building construction, engineering, building science and a passion for energy efficiency. Benjamin studied engineering at Virginia Tech and the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany.

At Think Little, he consults with architects, builders, and homeowners on building durability and energy efficiency. He also designs and commissions mechanical systems for high performance, low-energy homes and apartment buildings.

 Ann Kosmal_rd

Ann Kosmal

 Grzeg Kozmal_rd

Grzegorz Kosmal

 Michael Kramer_rd

Michael Kramer

Managing Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist

Michael is a Managing Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist with RDH. He has a passion for technology and for making better and more energy efficient buildings. He leads RDH’s Seattle office group and is actively involved in a wide range of projects from low-rise buildings, low-income housing, building research studies and guideline development, to forensic investigations, high rise buildings, and market-rate new construction. Michael is a nationally recognized speaker and enjoys sharing his passion and enthusiasm for the integration of building science and high-performance buildings with audiences across the country and especially those close to home.


Alison Kwok

Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon

Alison G. Kwok, PHD, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, is an architect and a Professor of Architecture at the University of Oregon, Eugene, teaching design studios, seminars in building performance, and environmental technology. Kwok is a CPHC® (Certified Passive House Consultant) and a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society. Her research includes identifying adaptive and mitigation strategies for climate change, thermal comfort, and building performance case studies.

Mike Lebeau

David Leetch

 Kimberly Llewellyn_rd

Kimberly Llewellyn

Mitsubishi Electric

Kimberly is the technical lead of Mitsubishi Electric’s Performance Construction Team which is committed to supporting builders, architects, engineers, contractors and developers nationwide in their efforts to provide high performance buildings. She works as a mechanical system consultant and educator on the subject of variable capacity heat pumps, ventilation and healthy, efficient and integrated mechanical solutions. Informed by a perspective that the built environment impacts our global ecosystem, she specializes in the advancement of high performance building practices for low carbon impact projects including passive house, net zero energy, deep energy retrofits with a particular focus on multifamily buildings.

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Kimberly began her work in the construction industry with 6 years of field work as a HERS rater and building failure consultant which shaped her holistic, field based perspective. Motto: Balance theory and practice, keep your boots dirty, hold skilled trades in high regard and refuse to gloss over inconvenient field realities.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Columbia University, is a voting member on ASHRAE Technical Standard Committees 62.2 (Residential Ventilation and Acceptable IAQ) and 227P(Passive Building Design) Committees and is a PHIUS certified CPHC.

John Loercher

Northeast Projects

John is a CPHC instructor for the Passive House Institute U.S. and owner of Northeast Projects LLC. He is a Certified Passive House Consultant and holds a masters of architecture from Parsons the New School for Design. His firm, Northeast Projects, specializes in Passive House design, high performance building envelopes and advanced energy modeling. It serves a diverse range of projects from single-family and multi-family residential, commercial, new construction and retrofits. He is currently the Secretary of the Passive House Alliance Hudson Valley which aims to make Passive House mainstream in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

 Maren Longhurst_rd

Maren Longhurst, AIA, CPHC, LEED AP, WELL AP

Sam Rodell Architects

Maren Longhurst, AIA, CPHC, LEED AP, WELL AP, is a Certified Passive House Consultant and PHIUS Trainer. She is the Building Science Coordinator for Sam Rodell Architects – a firm with projects ranging from custom homes to institutional/commercial buildings spanning throughout the Pacific Northwest from Montana to the Puget Sound.

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She is interested in high performance architecture, using site analysis along with three dimensional thermal and spatial modeling to design beautiful, efficient buildings that perform reliably, elegantly and simply. She is excited to help promote Passive House principles to a broader audience in the design world and to help improve the application and education of building energy modeling.


Joe Lstiburek

Principal, Building Science Corporation

Joseph Lstiburek, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., Ph.D., P.Eng., is a principal of Building Science Corporation and an ASHRAE Fellow. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto. He is a building scientist who investigates building failures.

Dr. Lstiburek received an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, a masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and a doctorate in Building Science Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has been a licensed Professional Engineer since 1982.

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When he is not in buildings he drinks red French wine and drives fast German sports cars – but never at the same time.

 Mark Lyles_rd

Mark Lyles

Mark Lyles is a Project Manager at New Buildings Institute (NBI). With a background in architecture that includes a Master of Architecture degree, Mark joined NBI in 2009. Mark’s diverse experience includes extensive research and investigation related to the design and construction of high performance buildings and zero energy buildings. As a Project Manager he is integrally involved in the research of advanced design practices and the development of design tools, resources and codes and policy that result in the advancement of high performance buildings.

 Charles Macbride_rd

Charles MacBride, AIA, NCARB

University of Texas at Arlington

Charles MacBride is a registered architect and assistant professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. In his previous position at the South Dakota State University Department of Architecture, he initiated a self-sustaining program for the student design and construction of certified passive houses, resulting most recently in the award winning PH01:BRK / Passive House Brookings. This cross disciplinary scholarship anchored the development and accreditation for the new professional program in architecture at SDSU, where he also established curriculum, pedagogy, studio culture, and mentorship.

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He co-founded the department’s Public Works program connecting students to underserved communities. MacBride has earned awards for teaching, research, design and master planning, including most recently a 2018 Sustainability Leadership and Innovation honor. He has also taught at Iowa State University and the University of Colorado Denver.

 Cliff Majersik_rd

Cliff Majersik

Cliff Majersik is the director of market transformation for the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), a national nonprofit organization that is laser-focused on increasing energy efficiency in buildings to save money, drive economic growth, reduce harmful pollution, and tackle climate change. Under his guidance, IMT is a trailblazer in the energy efficiency field, recognized across the globe for igniting greater investment in high performance buildings.

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Cliff is a pioneer of energy efficiency concepts in appraisal, green leasing, codes, and building performance policy that have gained national prominence, including building performance standards recently adopted by Washington and New York. His advice is often sought on developing legislation, and he frequently serves as a keynote speaker and industry judge. A LEED Accredited Professional, Cliff holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in political economy from Williams College.

Andrea Manchino

Peter Marciano

I have over 30 years of field experience as a contractor, builder, construction supervisor and manager dealing with all trades, owners , licensed professionals and tyrants of all kinds in all types of buildings from from single family homes to high rise multiple dwellings. I have built, detailed, repaired, evaluated and disturbed most types of roofing and masonry facade systems. Much of my time over the past 15 years has been spenton flat rooftops and hanging from scaffolding, its pretty easy to understand, that in construction, no one connects anything to anything else – I mean why would we? Your
buildings and designs are your legacy, how they get built and who builds them is everything, what will they say about you?

 Gabriela Martin_rd

Gabriela Martin

Gabriela Martin is Program Director at the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, where she oversees energy grants, including efforts to promote net zero energy buildings and net zero energy wastewater treatment plants. She has over 25 years of experience in policy, research, analysis, energy modeling, program and product development in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

She is a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), has served on the ASES Board of Directors and chaired the Magazine Advisory Council for Solar Today magazine. Gabriela received her MS in Environmental Management and Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and BA in Economics and French at the College of William and Mary.


Tim McDonald

Timothy McDonald is the President and CEO of Onion Flats LLC. Tim is a licensed architect in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1997, with his brother Patrick, he co-founded Onion Flats LLC; a Philadelphia based real estate development/design/build firm. Tim has been an adjunct Professor of Architecture at Philadelphia University,Temple University, University of Calgary, and University of Pennsylvania.

His service and experience extends into his community by holding current positions in the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association Zoning Committee, the Philadelphia Sustainability Advisory Board, as well as a previous position on the Old City Civic Association Board of Directors. Tim is also Founder/President of FAARM, a non-profit organization dedicated solely to the exhibition of art and architecture in Philadelphia.

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As a partner in Onion Flats, Tim’s role is Lead Architect and Construction Manager for many of Onion Flats’ projects. In 2005, Tim and his brothers Pat and John, in conjunction with Howard Steinberg formed the architecture firm Plumbob, LLC and JIG, Inc., a General Contracting, Construction Management and Green Roof company, allowing this team to provide full design-build services for both clients and their own developments. Additionally, Tim is a Certified LEED Accredited Professional and Passive House Certified Consultant and Tradesman.

 David Mead_rd

David Mead

David is internationally recognized for his thought leadership on the integration of engineering and architecture for ecologically-inspired design solutions. With over 16 years of experience as an engineer and architect, David is an advocate for advanced building performance. David worked on the net zero energy fellowship for Project Drawdown and recently presented on the role of buildings on broader ecology. Working across industries and beyond borders, his holistic approach looks at ways in which net-positive buildings can create a carbon neutral future.

Manon Meskens

M2A (A2M)

Manon Meskens is a Belgian architect, collaborator at M2A (A2M’s NYC office), with 5 years of experience in Passive House design. She studied architecture and sustainable design at ULB in Brussels, graduating with honors in 2015 with a Master’s in Architecture and Design degree. She then began working for Pierre Blondel Architects in Brussels, where she demonstrated her ability in sustainable design. There, Manon worked on Passive House buildings from small, residential projects to large-scale, urban plannings throughout Europe. In 2018, she moved to New York City to manage A2M’s U.S. office (M2A), where she has spearheaded sustainable projects throughout the U.S. and Canada while giving lectures and training professional networks.

 Sebastian Moreno Vacca_rd

Sebastian Moreno-Vacca


As founding member of A2M, Sebastian Moreno-Vacca leads A2M’s vision, design aesthetic and drive to be the most sustainable and energy efficient architecture possible. Since starting the architecture firm A2M in 2000, Sebastian has led it to international recognition through his sustainable building knowledge and his numerous roles as president of the Board of the Belgian Passive House Association. Since 2006, he has also been teaching at ULB architecture.

In 2009, he co-founded and edited the magazine ‘be.passive’. He has been giving lectures regularly for several professional networks (architects, engineers and builders) for more than 15 years. He has also been giving an extensive set of presentations, conferences and trainings in Europe and, for some years, in the United States.

 Elsa Mullin_rd

Elsa Mullin

Senior Project Consultant

Elsa Mullin joined Thornton Tomasetti in 2014 and is a Senior Project Consultant in the Building Analytics group for the Sustainability practice. She is responsible for developing energy models and providing design assistant for the Building Analytics team. She has extensive experience providing energy analysis and sustainability consulting for a variety of projects, particularly for LEED, Passive House, and Eversource. She is proficient in a range of energy simulation engines, including WUFI Passive, DOE 2.2 and Radiance.


Brandon Nicholsen

NK Architect

Founding Principal of NK, Brandon is dedicated to reducing the impact of buildings on global climate change. A developer in his own right, he uses his own projects to research and develop best practices for cost-effective delivery of zero carbon buildings. He serves as president of Passive House Western Pennsylvania and board member of North American Passive House Network.

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Brandon and NK have won numerous awards for management and design, including the 2014 AIA Housing Award for Park Passive, the first certified Passive House in Seattle; the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s 2017 Innovation and Design Award, in partnership with Thoughtful Balance, for Morningside Crossing, a large scale Passive House retrofit of an abandoned Pittsburgh school building into affordable housing for seniors; and PSMJ’s 2013 Circle of Excellence Top National Architecture Firm award.

Brandon was also the recipient of the AIA’s 2011 Community Service Award for his policy advocacy to improve Seattle City building and land use codes by incorporating green building systems as criteria for development (FAR) bonuses.

Crystal Ng

Crystal Ng is an Associate at Curtis + Ginsberg Architects who provides over ten years of specialized experience in sustainable and resilient mixed-use developments, commercial, and master planning projects. Crystal enjoys exploring new methods of design and construction and innovative solutions to sustainable and socially equitable projects.

Her experience ranges in scale from urban design to design and construction if multifamily and mixed use projects.  She is a LEED accredited professional as well as a certified Passive House consultant.  At C+GA, she has lead two complete PH project, two project which are currently in construction and one project in design.


Michael O’Donnell

Steven Winter Associates

Michael O’Donnell is a Senior Energy Consultant at Steven Winter Associates, Inc. with ten years of energy efficiency and building science experience. He provides consulting, certification support, site inspections, and performance testing for new construction multifamily projects in the New York City region.

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Project types include Passive House (PHI and PHIUS), ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise, Enterprise Green Communities, and NYC Energy Code TR8 Inspections with sizes ranging from smaller four-story buildings to large high-rise towers. Michael enjoys working with teams to find solutions to unique project challenges. He currently holds the Certified Energy Manager, Certified Passive House Tradesperson, and BPI Multifamily Building Analyst certifications.


Sayo Okada

Passive House Institute Japan

Sayo Okada, RA CPHC is a registered architect and certified passive house consultant, working as a project manager at Studio G Architects in Boston. Originally from Nara Japan, Sayo grew up with a traditionally trained carpenter father, learning about the importance of detail in buildings. She trained as a passive house consultant in 2010.

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Sayo has been involved in high performance residential projects in the US and Japan, and passive house inspired new construction and energy retrofit for institutional and multifamily projects in the greater Boston area. She is also a board member of the Passive House Institute of Japan, an affiliated organization with the PHIUS in Japan, which was established 2017.


James Ortega

PHIUS Certification Manager

James Ortega joined PHIUS in February of 2015 as a member of the Certification team, where he provides design review and energy modeling services to evaluate project qualifications for PHIUS+ Certification. Ortega works closely with the submitting CPHC to provide feedback on questions pertaining to energy modeling and building plans.

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He also provides consulting services on static and dynamic energy modeling in WUFI Passive and THERM, and spearheads energy modeling deliverables on feasibility studies for projects interested in pursuing PHIUS+ Certification. Ortega holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, and is currently pursuing his architectural licensure.

 David Peabody_rd

David Peabody

Peabody Architects

David Peabody, LEED AP, CPHC, has led Peabody Architects in Alexandria, Virginia since 1992, where he has designed numerous homes and additions. Witnessing and participating in the growth of sprawl in the suburban DC area through the 1990’s led him to awareness that the way building is done today is not sustainable, and a conviction that architects cannot sit on the fence with regard to environmental issues.

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Since committing the practice to sustainable design in 2000, Peabody has become increasingly active in issues regarding architecture and the environment and made these issues central to the way the firm approaches its work. In 2004, he became a LEED Accredited Professional, and in 2009 he became a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®) – one of the first five architects in the country to achieve this designation.

 Betsy Pettit_rd

Betsy Pettit

Betsy Pettit is the president of Building Science Corporation and is a registered architect with over 40 years of professional experience in the design and renovation of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. With a particular passion for and commitment to environmentally responsible design, Ms. Pettit managed Building Science Corporation’s role in the Department of Energy’s Building America project for the past twenty years, which has involved the design of over 5,000 high performance houses throughout the United States.

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Consistent with her philosophy that environmental responsibility ought to also be economical, Ms. Pettit has done extensive work to advance the building industry in the area of energy efficient affordable housing, partnering with Habitat for Humanity, as well as developers and builders across the United States. She is the former Director of Modernization and Redevelopment in the public housing division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Offices of Communities and Development, where she oversaw over $120 million of building improvements to Massachusetts’ 40,000 units of public housing. Notable projects include the Zero Energy Research Facility on the NIST campus in Gaithersburg, MD and the pioneering zero energy Deep Energy Retrofit of a Sears Kit home in Concord, MA

Ms. Pettit has given seminars on the subject of healthy and environmentally responsible housing to builders and architects across the country, and she has contributed to many procedural and technical manuals and papers to guide designers and contractors in the area of high performance design. She has also served as chair of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Buildings Conference, where BSC staff members are frequent presenters.

Ms. Pettit holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Design from Miami University and a Master of Architecture from North Carolina State University. Based on Ms. Pettit’s “notable contributions to the advancement of the profession of architecture,” she was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in February 2008.


Andres Pinzon

PHIUS Certification Staff

Andres Pinzon joined PHIUS in 2017, and he has been a member of the Certification Team since January 2018. In that time he’s worked on research and development of projects related to energy standards in residential buildings.

Pinzon holds a BArch from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá – Colombia, 2002); an MSc in Building Sciences from Delft University of Technology (Delft – The Netherlands, 2008), and a Doctoral degree in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology (2017) as a Fulbright Grantee.

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In addition to his work as a scholar, Andres has researched the thermal comfort in passive buildings, particularly those with transitional spaces such as courtyards.

Jessica Pitts

 Shane Pollin_rd

Shane Pollin

Shane Pollin joined The Duffie Companies in 2003 and has worked in real estate ventures in the Washington Metropolitan area for almost 20 years  Shane holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and a Juris Doctorate from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Shane is responsible for the Development activities of The Duffie Companies and handles a broad range of transactional and operational matters.  Shane is responsible for negotiating project acquisitions and partnerships and for navigating projects through the often challenging entitlement process.  Shane excels at fostering strong relationships with both the jurisdictions in which the companies work and the communities of which they become a part.

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Passionate about building science, Shane has been the driving force behind the Duffie Companies’ move toward high performance green building. He is a LEED accredited professional (BD&C) with a broad range of green building experience across a variety of project and certification types.

Shane is currently leading The Duffie Companies in partnership with the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County on Hillandale Gateway in Silver Spring, MD and Wheaton Gateway in Wheaton, MD.  These ground breaking mixed use, mixed income projects (together representing approximately 750 apartment homes) are in pursuit of Passive House certification.

Shane Pollin lives in Rockville, Maryland.

 James Post_rd

James Post

ECOpro Technology

James Post is a technologist in the crossroads of electronics and energy since 1975 and is now CEO of ECOpro Technology BV, a Dutch start-up with international ambitions. ECOpro Technology is introducing an innovative, modular prefab construction system, where -contrary to traditional prefab- all installation issues are resolved in a factory (rather than on-site). Fully-integrated, aesthetically pleasing, solar roofs, wall-integrated solar water heating, vacuum insulation, electronic fuses in a sustainable, re-usable approach.

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An electronic engineer by education, he headed the first small company in The Netherlands that was deemed worthy by the Dutch government to be part of high tech and technology transfer missions in the 1980s. Thereafter, he led Dutch Ultimate Technology BV to European market leader in 1999.

Since 2012, James was recognized as a lithium battery expert; he published articles and lectured on lithium battery-related conferences in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Israel and the USA with a focus on light electric vehicles. More recently, he researched small-scale energy storage with long life, safety and hybrid operation as the main focal points.

 Kevin Pu_rd

Kevin Pu

Kevin Pu is an Associate with ENFORM Architects; a practice that specializes in low carbon design. He is an award-winning designer with significant experience in high-performance buildings. While at B+H Architects he was the project architect of the Humber College BLDG Nx Passive House Retrofit – the first institutional Passive House retrofit in Canada. He also worked on the net zero energy Mohawk College Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation. Kevin has a specialty in BIM workflow, modelling buildings for advanced drawing production, energy simulation and advanced detailing. Kevin has his master’s degree from Ryerson University, where he garnered the RAIC medal for his thesis.

 Sam Rashkin _rd

Sam Rashkin

Chief Architect for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office

As Chief Architect for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, Sam’s primary role is leading deployment of proven innovations for new and existing high-performance homes. In his prior position, he managed the growth of ENERGY STAR for Homes from its inception in 1996 to more than 8,000 builder partners, over one million labeled homes, and over 25 percent market penetration nationwide.

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During his 20-plus years as a licensed architect, he specialized in energy efficient design and completed over 100 residential projects. He has served on the national Steering Committees for USGBC’s LEED for Homes, NAHB’s Green Builder Guidelines, and U.S. EPA’s Water Sense and Indoor airPLUS labels. Mr. Rashkin has received national recognition for his contributions to sustainable housing with the 2019 EEBA Legend Award and the 2012 Hanley Award and is a published author.


Paul Raymer


Paul H. Raymer has been working with building science for more than forty years. He has taught building science courses to diverse audiences from home inspectors and weatherization specialists to architects and engineers. He is a Senior Technical Specialist with ICF and the Chief Investigator for Heyoka Solutions and President of the NorthEast Building Science Institute.

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He was a member of the LEED EA Technical Advisory Subcommittee, BPI’s Standards Technical Committee, and is Subcommittee Chair for Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation of the NREL SWS. He is BPI Envelope, Building Analyst, Heating Professional, AC/Heat Pump, and Healthy Home Evaluator certified and a certified HERS Rater. He is an IREC assessor, IREC Certified Master Trainer and he is a full member of ASHRAE. He is also the lead SME for the NREL/IREC QCI micro-credential development project.

 Michael Robinson_rd

Michael Robinson

After doing his ten years of time in NY City as a contractor, stuffing sheets of sheetrock into elevators too small to accommodate them and paying off building superintendents so that he could work after 4 pm, Michael Robinson found out that construction didn’t have to be so hard when he built several spec houses in Outer Cape Cod, and found a way to renovate several houses near his Hudson Valley home around the schedules of his two children.

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He discovered Passive House about ten years ago at a talk given by Mike Duclos, got his PHI Builder’s certification soon after that, then went on to get his PHIUS certification. He was the last contractor standing on the rebuilding of River Architects’ Passive Studio and after finishing his current Newburgh project will go on to build a GOLogic home in Wellfleet MA.


Mary Rogero

Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture and Interior Design, Miami University of Ohio

Mary Rogero, RA, CPHC®, LEED AP, is an Associate Professor and former Chair for the Department of Architecture and Interior Design at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She teaches Passive and Low Energy Design seminars and studios to freshman through graduate level and is currently teaching the CPHC curriculum to students. Prior to teaching, Mary was a principal in the design firm of Rogero Buckman Architects for fifteen years specializing in the adaptive reuse in older buildings.

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With her business partner, she also helped develop a construction company to construct the firm’s designs and a development company. She continues to practice architecture with her firm Rogero Architects. Mary is currently the Chair of the PHAUS Council and Vice President of the PHIUS Board of Directors.

Mary is currently the Chair of the PHAUS Council and Vice President of the PHIUS Board of Directors.


Marc Rosenbaum

South Mountain

Marc Rosenbaum, P.E. is a long-time student of making great buildings. He uses an integrated systems design approach to help people create buildings and communities connected to the natural world, supporting both personal and planetary health. Much of his recent work has been Zero Net Energy Buildings, Deep Energy Retrofits and Passive Houses. His work has been recognized nationally by ASHRAE, AIA, EEBA, and NESEA, but they didn’t see all the mistakes along the way.

 Aurimas Sabulis_rd

Aurimas Sabulis

Aurimas has driven INTUS Windows to become the pioneer in energy efficient fenestrations through his background in sustainable building, glazing systems, and finance. He has led numerous noteworthy and award-winning commercial passive house, net-zero, and LEED commercial projects including the largest passive house buildings in North America and the U.S. Through his experience in the building industry and finance, he drives INTUS to develop affordable yet high-performing windows and doors. He is also an avid triathlete and has recently completed two Ironman races.

 David Salamon_rd

David Salamon


David is motivated to design architecture of consequence that improves the lives of individuals and their communities. Prior to earning his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the University of New Mexico and a Master of Architecture with a Certificate in Ecological Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, David designed and built off-grid and passive solar homes. With this background, David approaches architecture through the eyes of a designer, ecologist, craftsperson, and builder.

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David is a Certified Passive House Designer, the first elected President of the Greater Philadelphia Passive House Association, and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Temple University where he teaches energy modeling seminars. At Re:Vision, David provides architectural design and high-performance / Passive House consulting services.


Colin Schless

Thornton Tomasetti

Colin Schless, CPHC, LEED AP BD+C, has more than 11 years of experience in green building consultancy and leads Thornton Tomasetti Engineering’s Western Region building analytics group. He specializes in commercial building energy modeling, daylight analysis, climate analysis, simulation tool development, and data visualization.

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In addition, Schless manages Thornton Tomasetti’s efforts with monitoring installations that provide real-time energy and resource consumption data to facilities managers and building occupants. Schless received his Master of Architecture in 2010 from the University of Oregon, where he worked as a Research Fellow at the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory.

His project experience ranges from a 340,000 sf museum in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, to the Net-Zero Bosarge Family Education Center in Boothbay, Maine, to 120 mixed use buildings owned and operated by Sweden’s largest real estate property holder, Vasakronan. Colin was the CPHC on Village Centre in Brewer, Maine, a 48-unit affordable housing project that won PHIUS’ 2016 Passive Projects Competition awards for the Best Multifamily project and Best Affordable project of the year.

Tom Schneider

 Steve Selkowitz_rd

Stephen Selkowitz

Principal, Stephen Selkowitz Consultants; Affiliate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Selkowitz is recently retired as Senior Advisor for Building Science, LBNL and is now a consultant and advisor to global building industry clients. He is an internationally recognised expert on sustainable design and high performance green buildings serving as an advisor to governments and business R&D teams in Europe and Asia. He has extensive technical expertise and experience on advanced glazing and window technologies, building façade systems, daylighting designs and integrated building system solutions and recently taught a graduate seminar at UC Berkeley Department of Architecture on Adaptive Facades.

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Over his 40-year career at LBNL, he started and led the Windows and Daylighting Group and served as Head of the Building Technologies Department for 25 years, partnering with industry to develop and demonstrate new technologies, systems, processes and design tools that address energy, sustainability and occupant comfort.

He has presented at over 400 scientific, business and industry venues and co/authored over 200 technical papers, 5 books and holds 3 patents. He holds an AB in Physics from Harvard College and an MFA in Environmental Design from California Institute of the Arts. In 2012 he was the first recipient of LBNL’s “Lifetime Achievement Award for Societal impact”, in 2014 he received McGraw Hill/ENR’s prestigious “Award of Excellence” for “relentlessly working to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and for moving the nation towards better building performance” and in 2016 was elected to the Façade Tectonics Institute College of Fellows.


Keith Simon

Keith Simon joined Building Exterior Solutions, Inc. (a division of Terracon) in April of 2014. He is a Registered Architect, Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), Legacy LEED AP, and Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider (BECxP) with over 15 years’ experience in architectural design and building enclosure consultation. His experience includes investigation, evaluation, analysis, renovation design, construction administration, testing, and peer review of design phase documentation of building envelope issues.

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Mr. Simon was the founder of the Austin Building Enclosure Council (BEC: Austin) and currently serves as a board member for both BEC: Austin, as well as the Passive House Austin Chapter. Mr. Simon is a Terracon SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Hygrothermal Modeling and Building Enclosure Commissioning.

 Molly Simpson_rd

Molly Simpson, LEED AP

Fannie Mae

Molly Simpson is a Manager for the Fannie Mae Multifamily Green and Healthy Housing Financing Business for Fannie Mae. In this capacity, she focuses on developing and implementing financing products that increase the sustainability of the country’s multifamily housing stock.

Prior to joining Fannie Mae, Simpson was the senior manager of District of Columbia’s Department of Energy & Environment’s Solar for All program where she led the strategic planning and implementation of an ambitious plan to serve 100,000 households with solar electricity and reduce energy burdens by 50% by 2032.

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During her tenure at the Department of Energy & Environment, Simpson also served as the housing affordability and green program analyst in the Urban Sustainability Administration. In this interagency role, Simpson worked across agencies expanding capacity for green building programs and catalyzing sustainability policies in the residential sector, with an emphasis on housing affordability.

Previous to joining DOEE, Simpson was the manager of the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing where she was responsible for developing and implementing educational and research programs related to housing policy and practice. Simpson has also worked in sustainability policy and practice at the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development and as a consultant to federal clients including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Simpson holds a master’s degree in sustainable urban planning from the George Washington University and holds a bachelor’s in environmental studies with concentrations in political studies and economics from Bard College.


Tessa Smith

The Artisans Group

Tessa Smith is the co-Principal and Chief Architect of Artisans Group, a Design+Build firm located in Olympia, Washington. Twice recognized by PHIUS for Best Project by Young Professional as well as for the 2015 Best Overall Project and the 2017 Best Single-Family House, Tessa is a fierce advocate of sustainability through Passive House design theory and practice.

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A graduate of South Puget Sound Community College and The Evergreen State College, Tessa is an active agent of change for local business and home owners. She enjoys cooking, horror movies, bicycling, hiking, and keeping up with her 200+ lbs of rescue dogs.


Galen Staengl

Staengl Engineering

Galen Staengl, P.E., LEED® AP BD + C, CPHC, has 20 years of experience designing cutting-edge energy-efficient mechanical systems for green building projects and industrial facilities. Throughout his career, Galen has worked to bring energy-efficient and sustainable principles into his designs for award-winning schools, institutional buildings, multi-family residential projects, and office buildings.

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As President of Staengl Engineering, Galen has provided design and energy analysis for buildings certified as LEED Platinum and Gold, Passive House, Net Zero energy, Net Positive energy, and Living Building Challenge.

As a leader in low-energy building system design, Galen regularly presents and moderates at national and regional green building conferences. He is also involved in advancing the technical and regulatory aspects of green building design in the U.S.; he is currently a member of the national Technical Committee of Passive House Institute U.S. and is working with the Green Focus Group to assist the Virginia Housing Development Agency propose sustainable design guidelines for future developments.


Mike Steffen

Walsh Construction Co.

Mike Steffen is Director of Innovation at Walsh Construction Co., a mid-sized general contracting firm serving project partners in the multifamily housing, healthcare, higher education and commercial sectors across the Pacific Northwest. Mike is an architect, builder and educator who is passionate about making better buildings that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.

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He obtained degrees in architecture from the University of Kansas and the University of California, Berkeley and is licensed to practice architecture in the states of Oregon and California. Mike loves homegrown vegetables, craft pizza and west coast IPAs (especially when consumed together) and enjoys hiking, fishing and kayaking the mountains, rivers and coastlines of the American West.


Justin Stein

Justin Stein is the Senior Vice President for Affordable Housing Developer Bronx Pro Group and of its affiliate General Contractor Home Builders.  He has over 15 years of real estate development, finance and construction experience. He has completed the construction of one mixed use Passive House project, is under construction on a second and in pre-development on two more.

 Andrew Steingiser_rd

Andrew Steingeiser

SGA; AIA, LEED AP, PHIUS – Project Architect at SGA

Andrew is passionate about reducing the global environmental impact of the built environment by designing buildings that combine high design with high performance. Andrew is a detail oriented architect with broad experience in commercial and residential architecture, and a Certified Passive House Consultant through the Passive House Institute U.S., specializing in the design of large scale Passive House buildings.

 Andrew Straus_rd

Andrew Straus


Andrew Straus is General Partner and founder of Consinfra, a real estate investment firm specializing in real estate development, and redevelopment projects in Latin America. Andrew serves as Vice President of E Plus Buildings, a Passive House Consulting company. Andrew has extensive management and finance experience as Division Manager, Executive Vice President and CFO of the Juval Group, a highly diversified manufacturing and services multinational comprised of seven wholly owned enterprises and three joint venture companies in the aluminum, foundry, mining, steel, cement, construction and infrastructure industries in five countries.

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Andrew is a Passive House Certified Builder and has studied at the Private Equity Institute in New York, holds an Economics and Philosophy degree from Brandeis University, and is alumnus of Harvard Business School. Andrew also completed a post graduate certificate in Real Estate Finance from Middlesex University in the UK and participated in the Generative Leadership Program™(GLP) of the Institute for Generative Leadership.

Andrew is Chairman of the Board of Land Life Future, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the biodiversity of Colombia. Andrew is active in the community and is the Co-President and Board member of the Harvard Club of Delaware and CFO and Board member of the Harvard Business Club of Philadelphia.

 Skylar Swinford_rd

Skylar Swinford

Energy Systems Consultants

Skylar Swinford is the Principal of Energy Systems Consultants, an Idaho based building energy and enclosure consulting firm. Skylar graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from Willamette University in 2007 and has worked in the high performance building industry since. Skylar is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®), PHIUS+ Rater, and a BPI-certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, and has consulted on hundreds of residential and commercial building projects in the Northwest and across North America. This ranges from his work on many Net-Zero Energy and Certified Passive House projects, to the forensic evaluation of failed buildings.

 Aaron Thompson_rd

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson is a professional practice instructor of Building Construction/Constuction Management for Utah State University in Moab Utah where he teachs hands on construction skills and green building techniques. He is a licensed general contractor. He earned his masters in construction management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Aaron worked in the construction industry for 15 years before teaching. High performance and energy efficient buildings are his research interests. Building a certified-passive house was one of his dreams.

 Paul Thompson_rd

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is principal of IEI Architect, an award-winning design firm providing architecture, interior design. He is a Certified Passive House Consultant® for eight years. Previously, Paul co-founded BluPath with Laura Blau and together are renovating an historic apartment building to Passive House EnerPhit Standard. While at MGA Partners, he was project manager for the West Chester University School of Music (LEED Silver), and project architect for the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communications addition.

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He worked for A M Stern, William Kite and Lerner Ladd Architects. Paul taught at Jefferson and Temple Universities and presents at international and regional conferences. Paul is a founding member of the Philadelphia Passive House Community, of Green Building United and is its current Co-Chair He is active in AIA COTE Philadelphia. He has a BS in mechanical engineering and a MArch from University of Virginia.

 Esther Toporovsky_rd

Esther Toporovsky

Esther Toporovsky is the Senior Program Director for National Initiatives and Enterprise Green Communities at Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., a non-profit that has invested over $30 billion to build over 400,000 affordable multifamily homes nationwide. The Green Communities Program provides policy, capital, and innovative solutions to create resilient, healthy and sustainable communities.

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Esther provides strategic oversight of innovative green capital products and business models for community development, and works with the Enterprise Structured Finance, Loan Fund, Bellwether Mortgage, and Asset Management teams on innovative green financing solutions, and directly manages the Enterprise Green Multifamily Retrofit and Renewable Energy programs. Prior to joining Enterprise, Esther was the Deputy Director of EDNY and E4, Inc, an environmental non-profit that provides sustainable and social responsibility consulting, and also community outreach through public-private partnerships where she secured sponsorship funding for Corporate Social Responsibility branding and marketing campaigns across New York City, and co-produced a book on high-performance buildings for Commercial Real Estate Developers.

Esther also worked in Business Development and Strategy for Yahoo, Inc.  In addition, Esther has worked as a consultant to structure innovative capital solutions and policy recommendations for community development projects including Seedco Financial, Common Ground, and UNITY of New Orleans. Esther earned an M.S. in Urban Policy and Management and specialized in Community Development and Real Estate Finance from Milano, the New School University, and received a B.A. and certificate in Environmental Studies from Eugene Lang College and Columbia University.

 David Treleven_rd

David Treleven

David Treleven is the Director of Innovation for Madison Indoor Air Quality where he works to bring new products and applications to the building industry. Madison IAQ strives to bring leading mechanical solutions to the market in order to make the places we live and work healthy, safe, and comfortable.  Prior to his current role, David consulted on HVAC and envelope design, led utility research projects, performed forensic investigations, and provided leadership to building programs.

 Lois Vitt Sale_rd

Lois Vitt Sale

Wight & Company

Lois’s 30-year career as a practicing architect has focused on sustainability as intrinsic to design aided by the application of green technologies and sustainable planning. As Chief Sustainability Officer for Wight, recently, Lois has led the effort to design four buildings to meet the criteria for Net Zero Energy. Her work continues to raise the bar for high performance, healthy buildings for the work designed and built by her firm. She has been adjunct faculty at Northwestern University since 2005. She has educated, volunteered and lent her energies to promulgate an understanding that creating places where people thrive demands deeply sustainable solutions for the built environment.


Lisa White

Associate Director

Lisa White serves as the Associate Director for the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) and has been with PHIUS since 2012. Prior to this role, she led the certification review team. She is an instructor for Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC®) and WUFI Passive software training. White holds a degree in Environmental Sustainability with a minor in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Master’s in Energy Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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White works on certification, training, and WUFI Passive development and is a member of PHIUS’ technical committee. She also provides consulting services on static and dynamic energy modeling in WUFI Passive, THERM modeling, and project planning specific to passive building principles. White has presented at numerous conferences and events, including Greenbuild, ASHRAE, PHIUS Annual North American Passive House Conferences, the Affordable Comfort Institute national conference, and Facades+.


Dan Whitmore

Being one of the first Certified Passive House Consultants in the United States, Dan Whitmore, CPHC, enjoys delving into the minutiae of energy conservation and then translating that information into built reality. From this focus, he has participated in the design and construction of numerous groundbreaking projects across the US.

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In his efforts to evolve building practices, Dan combines a passion for energy, sustainability, and the natural environment with over 30 years of construction experience. He joins knowledge of Passive House, building science, materials selection, and energy resources with his extensive background in hands-on craft, site management, and project troubleshooting.

A long-time denizen of Seattle, Washington, in 2018 Dan joined RDH Building Science as one of their in-house Passive House consultants. Additionally, Dan is an instructor and curriculum developer for the Passive House Institute US’s (PHIUS) Builders Training Program. He also serves on the boards of Passive House Northwest and PHIUS and is a constant advocate for municipal and state advances in building practice. When not engaging his Passive Obsessive side, Dan enjoys chasing clear night skies, reading speculative fiction, and imagining how the world could be.

 Kendra Wiley_rd copy

Kendra Wiley

Kendra Wiley is the Program Analyst for the Green Building and Climate Branch of the District of Columbia Department of Energy &Environment (DOEE), where she implements programs and policies to reach the District’s carbon neutrality goals. Prior to her work at DOEE, she practiced real estate law and green building consulting in Dallas, Texas. Ms. Wiley has her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas, and a J.D. from Texas Tech University School of Law.


Graham Wright, Ph. D

PHIUS Senior Scientist & Chair of the PHIUS Technical Committee

Graham S. Wright is Senior Scientist at Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) and Chair of the PHIUS Technical Committee. He leads PHIUS’ research and development efforts, and worked to develop the PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard — the only passive building standard on the market based upon climate-specific comfort and performance criteria tailored to North American climate zones. Wright helped to launch and continues to provide input for the PHIUS+ Passive Building Standard and Certification program.

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In addition to his role as PHIUS Senior Scientist, Wright also established and leads the PHIUS Verified Window Performance Data Program, which evaluates fenestration components for use in passive building applications for specific climate zones. Additionally, he also serves as the Chair of the PHIUS Technical Committee, a consensus based panel of passive building experts who review technical standards and practices and publish the findings.

Wright earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with thesis work related to ink-jet printing, after which he worked ten years for Eastman Kodak on the development of toner-based printing technology. In 2007 he joined AmeriCorps VISTA and relocated to Minnesota to help the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance develop a durable and efficient solar air heat panel. In 2008 he served as a permaculturalist for the Hunt Utilities Group, which is where he first discovered and became involved with the passive building movement. Wright joined PHIUS first in 2011 as an instructor, in 2012 as a pre-certification caseworker, and in 2013 as Senior Scientist.

 Bruce Zavos_rd

Bruce Zavos

AIA, NCARB President

As President, Bruce provides guidance for all of ZA+D’s projects and leadership in implementing the firm’s core values and objectives. He has been an architect for over thirty years and has focused his talents on community- oriented projects and building a practice representative of his ideals.

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With his organizational and management abilities, he has led his eponymous firm to numerous design and preservation awards incorporating both high design ideals and sustainable design objectives. The source of Bruce’s continuing success has resulted from his ability to listen, creatively problem solve and engage the community and stakeholders in the design process.

Bruce is also deeply involved in the welfare of his community and serves on numerous boards and organizations.


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